Sunless Tanning


                                                       ECOTAN CERTIFIED ORGANIC  $40                                                 


Award-winning certified organic ECO TAN is the tan of choice for holistic spas Gwinganna, Gaia, and

The Golden Door and for the Luna Beauty Room too!  

For best results, exfoliate and/or wax preferably at least 24 hours days BEFORE you tan.  As a completely natural-  ingredient tan, ECO does not use food colouring to achieve colour so does not stain the skin, but rather adheres to the skin's own skin cells and amino acids, so we need them there for your best result.



 Always leave body free of moisturisers and deodorant on the day of your tanning appointment.


POST-TAN - avoid any vigorous exercise, saunas or steam rooms in the time before you rinse your tan, which may be

2 hours, 4 hours or 6 hours, depending on how deep you wish your colour to be, or which tan you choose.  

Contrary to what we think, there is NO benefit in leaving a tan on overnight - 6 hours is the maximum 'active' time

for most tans - after that nothing much is happening so save your sheets and wash off before sleeping. 

This also helps to minimise any possible reactions.

 After rinsing, DO NOT APPLY any moisturisers as they can inhibit development of your colour. 

 To prolong your tan, avoid body washes and soaps which contain Sodium Laurel Sulfate as these will

 break down your tan - body washes which are hydrating and without SLS are available to help keep you tan

 looking beautiful for longer.


Also available for purchase are Eco by Sonya award-winning products available, including HEMPITAN, FACE TAN WATER, GLORY OIL and WINTER SKIN as well as other ECO Skincare Products.