I began my holistic path with massage and it has certainly been a very popular one - one of my 'Signature' treatments.

- one client described it as 'the stairway to heaven'.


If you're looking for a truly therapeutic, completely relaxing experience, you'll enjoy this treatment which combines aromatherapy and myofascia techniques.  Gently treating the body by working on fascia allows the body to release and balance itself - I believe that it's not always necessary to 'go deep' with massage and see results with being more gentle.  

For inflammation and injury, your massage can also include the healing benefits of Microcurrent.  Similar to a TENS machine which many of us know from physics and sports therapists, Microcurrent delivers a very low frequency of electric current - the frequency mimics the human body's own electrical field - so it proves extremely beneficial for alleviating pain and inflammation and is also used for auto-immune conditions and anxiety.

Whether you have a chronic condition, or are looking for some well-deserved relaxation, you will leave feeling fantastic.


Full Body 75 minutes                  $120.00

Upper Body  45 mins.                 $  65.00

(head, neck & shoulders)




This full body scrub, using Pink Himalayan salts and hot towels, combines exfoliation and massage and leaves your skin incredibly smooth.  A great detox too.  

60 Minutes  $90.00

Add Body Scrub to a Facial   $70.00