I began my holistic path with massage and it has certainly been a very popular one - one of my 'Signature' treatments.

- one client described it as 'the stairway to heaven'.


If you're looking for a truly therapeutic, completely relaxing experience, you'll enjoy this treatment which combines aromatherapy and myofascia techniques.  I believe that it's not always necessary to 'go deep' with massage and see results with being more gentle.  


 75 Minute Treatment  $120.00

NEW  ...... taking massage to a new level

 Introducing            HYDRATHERM

This unique massage allows you to lay face-up, without the need to turn during your treatment. Using water-filled cushions, your body is gently supported throughout your spine, from top-to-toe.

This really is heaven!

75 Minute Treatment     $130.00


This full body scrub, using Pink Himalayan salts and hot towels, combines exfoliation and massage and leaves your skin incredibly smooth.  A great detox too.  

60 Minutes  $90.00

Add Body Scrub to a Facial   $70.00