Eyelash Extensions 

Longer, thicker, fuller, fluffier - gorgeous lashes really enhance your eyes.  

I love the results achieved with natural-looking extensions, and that's my 'thing' if you like.  My aim is for you to leave feeling confident with a lash set which suits you, your eye shape, and lifestyle and is SAFE.  That means what your natural lashes are capable of healthily holding - the right thickness, length and style of lashes - and there are many.

No, lash extensions are NOT DAMAGING to your lashes if they are the CORRECT ONES FOR YOU!



                       Full Set              Classic  $150.00

                                                Signature (Extra Lush)    $190.00

                                                (achieved with adding lightweight handmade fans of lashes known as Russian Volume)



                       Classic 1.15 mins                          $65.00

                       Hybrid   2 hrs                                $75.00

                                    2.5 hrs                             $90.00

Infills if you already have extensions from another Lash Artist?

Yes ... I am happy to infill your existing lashes if possible.  This is  difficult

to offer a guaranteed outcome on your first visit, due to the condition and

type of lashes you currently may have - lashes come from many different

manufacturers so there may be variances but we can work together to achieve your

desired look, which may take 2-3 appointments.


Please allow time for your lash application - it is a precise service and should not be rushed.

Allow 2-2.5  hours for your Classic initial set, and 2.5-3.5 hours for Hybrid (added Russian Volume).

It is preferable to arrive MAKE-UP FREE for your appointment - this allows more time for lash application rather than using valuable time removing make-up.

We lose approximately 3-5 lashes per eye each day naturally, so you will see that after 2 weeks, you will have lost approx. 40 lashes per eye, after 3 weeks 60 lashes per eye so you can see why fills need to be done regularly to ensure your lashes are maintained.  

Eye creams, serums, make-up, steam, tears, medication can affect your lash retention so your fill may require more lashes from time-to-time.

I also offer a 72 hour 'lash  refill' should you experience any unexpected lash loss post-application, provided that aftercare steps were followed (no steamy workouts or use of oil-based products) which would affect the longevity of your lash set. 


(Trained with Xtreme Lashes, Lux Lash Society, and Russian Volume training with Irina Levchuk & Brisbane Lashes )



Less maintenance than extensions, this gentle 'lift' enhances your own natural lashes, by lifting them at the base and creating a soft curl.  The results last between 8-10 weeks.  Often, the combination of a lift and tint will maximise your results.

                    Lash Lift                                     $65.00

                    With Tint                                     $95.00

     A well-shaped brow can really enhance your eyes.  
     Colouring brows can help improve your brow shape and add more definition  where needed and does not need to look too       dominating. 
    Choose from either a Tint or natural Henna to define your brows.
    Henna has more lasting power than Tint - giving up to 4 weeks colour on brow hair, and up to 2 weeks on the skin                    (depending on whether you have an oily skin and your home care skincare).
    Each brow is so different - depending on your brow needs, a combination of tweezing, waxing and in some cases, minimal      trimming, with some colour enhancement.
                   Full Brow Shape         $35-45.00 (with Tint + $10/with Henna +$20)
                            Brow Tint                     $20.00
                            Brow Henna                 $35.00
                            Express Wax or Tweeze       $25.00