Facials are what I am known for .....whether you are looking for an Express facial or something more luxurious, LUNA facials are a truly relaxing and balancing treatment, both for the mind and the body.

All facials can include the addition of LED, Oxygen or Microcurrent  to maximise your experience.  


Facial massage forms a strong basis to all my treatments - WHY?  Because a stressed skin needs to be relaxed to not only look better, but to be able to respond to treatment.  I'm also more inclined to non-invasive treatments. Unfortunately in the last few years, there has been a wave towards more aggressive treatments for everything from acne to addressing ageing.  While these type of treatments - laser, RF, deep skin needling, aggressive peels etc.. do offer results, there is also a downside - and I'm not talking downtime.  Skins can become much more sensitised, there can be deeper damage to skin which may not be apparent until a later time, and also these treatments may have health affects in the future that we're not aware of .... time will tell.


The following list gives a guide to the various facials I offer.  

Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to chat more about what facial may suit you - taking into account when you see me, we may adjust this.


Browse the dropdown facial menu for more detailed info on the available skin treatments using your choice of either organic or 'clean science' SYNERGIE Skin Cosmeceuticals, both of which deliver great skin outcomes.

Customised Facials - (75mins-110mins) $160-$190

Contour Microcurrent Facial - (90 mins)  $175.00

Express Facial  (45mins-60mins) $95-$130.00

LED Facials 50mins $95-$120

Oxygen Facials  60 mins $120-$150

Skin Needling - from $130 for partial areas (lower face/eye area)

                                 $260 for full face (including neck & décolletage)

NEW TREATMENT  .......COMING SOON     .....