Do you have any particular concerns with your skin?  Maybe you're here just for a relax and reset.

What is your main concern?  The most important question we can discuss.

Is it achievable?   Even more important.

How can we get there?

Whatever facial we decide on, be assured that you will leave feeling nurtured & relaxed, and your skin will show benefits.

All facials include targeted facial massage - massage is crucial to prepare the skin - not just during a treatment, but pre-treatment.  This prepares your facial muscles to begin to relax which aids in better outcomes and absorption of skincare.

Longer treatments include more massage - including scalp, back, arms, shoulders and lower legs as well as the addition of either Oxygen, LED, or additional masques (the use of 2 masques for added effect) - but rest assured that if you are time-poor or prefer a shorter treatment, you will still receive some well-deserved nurturing with décolletage and scalp massage within your treatment.

EXPRESS Facial  45-60 minutes              $100-130.00

SIGNATURE Facial  75 minutes                  $160.00

                               100 minutes                $190.00       (may include either LED, Oxygen, extra Masques)