'I don't believe beauty is about perfection ... beauty can be many things, at any age, but it's really about how you feel about yourself.  The better you feel, the more confidence you show.  Let me make you feel confident.'

Looking for a more personalised, quiet 'escape' to enjoy your beauty treatments?  Let's make it all about you .......... 

inner beauty





LUNA .. Roman mythical Goddess of the Moon


A female 'being' believed to be the source of life

Admired & adored, possessing inner beauty & grace,

purity, confidence & strength

Customised Facial & Skin Therapies including LED, Oxygen and Microcurrent treatments, Skin Needling,

                                              Massage,  Lash Lifts, Tinting, Brows and Henna 

                                                                                      EAST RYDE

                                                                        By Appointment

                                                                  Tele/Text:  0452 449 045

                                                                     Email:  hello@thelunabeautyroom.com.au






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